Analytical Problem Solving and Technical Research

Roediger Agencies is a private industrial consulting company, specialising in troubleshooting and research of polymers and related applications. The company is owned and managed by Dr Andy Roediger (Ph.D., Chem.), a polymer scientist experienced in various fields of polymeric applications.

Situated in the buildings of the Institute for Polymer Science of the University of Stellenbosch, we are in touch with groundbreaking polymer research and technology. We have access to a wide range of advanced analytical, thermal and mechanical equipment. This allows extensive and complete investigation of problematic or researched materials, and enables us to blend practical and technical with relevant data.

The methods, findings, conclusions and recommendations of each study are reported in full.




Dr. AHA (Andy) Roediger
Tel: +27 21 887 0010
Fax: +27 21 886 4731
Cell: +27 83 250 9281

Physical Address
Unit 4, No 6 Santhagen Road
Devon Valley
South Africa
Postal Address
PO Box 3202
South Africa
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